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Hoarding graphics by 3WM Signs

3WM Signs delivers not only exceptional signage for completed retail and commercial projects, but hoarding graphics solutions that will grab the attention of passers-by even before your store, office or unit is open!

What are construction hoardings used for?

Many of our clients erect hoardings featuring hoarding graphics around the exterior of a property whilst construction and fit-out works are undertaken.

Hoardings cover the site, help to keep a construction area safe and secure and provide an efficient working environment for site teams.

It is a legal requirement for a contractor to protect both its teams and the public who may be passing the property. Brands also like to keep their new units ‘under wraps’ until they’re ready to make a splash with a big launch.

Why use hoarding graphics?

Featuring your brand and ‘coming soon’ teaser messages on hoarding graphics is a great way to begin a new unit launch.

By generating excitement in the opening during the construction and fit-out phase, our clients know that they appear professional, that the project is well-planned, and from the very start of a project their brand messages are communicated appropriately.

Hoardings and hoarding graphics do not require external planning approval, but can be approved internally by the Temporary Works Coordinator or another qualified person. Simple, quick and free launch advertising: hoarding graphics put your brand in the spotlight before you’ve even opened for business!

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Hoarding graphics by 3WM Signs

3WM Signs is a complete signage partner to our retail and commercial clients. We’re proud to deliver exceptional and unique signage for internal and external areas, and our workshop also handles hoarding graphics for new sites.

Supported by our knowledge of our clients’ brands and your specific project, we can deliver a hoardings solution quickly, that’s on-brand and meets the needs of your property and site team.

Find out more!

Contact 3WM Signs’ team to discuss our hoardings and hoarding graphics solutions. Send us a message or call 01942 607 608 today!

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